These persona scenarios showcase how Rizer can be utilized by diverse businesses to achieve specific objectives, whether it’s increasing sales, fostering customer loyalty, or enhancing brand awareness.

Use Case: Boosting Sales and Customer Engagement

Persona 1: Alice, Owner of an Online Clothing Store

Alice, the owner of an online clothing store, harnesses the power of Rizer to enhance sales and elevate customer engagement. Here’s how she does it:

  1. Alice logs into her Rizer account and configures the « 10th item free » promotion for a curated selection of popular products from her store.
  2. A customer, Claire, browses Alice’s site and adds an eligible product to her cart, proceeding to make a purchase. Rizer’s system automatically tracks this transaction.
  3. Claire happens to be the 10th purchaser of this particular product in the store, and she is pleasantly surprised when notified that the product is now free. The purchase amount is converted into store credit, allowing her to make another delightful purchase. She shares her positive experience on social media, creating positive word-of-mouth for Alice’s store.
  4. Alice monitors Rizer’s statistics and observes a notable increase in both sales and the online visibility of her store, all thanks to this innovative promotion.

Witness how Rizer transforms Alice’s online clothing store, demonstrating the immense potential for sales growth and customer loyalty.

Persona 2: David, Manager of a Small Local Grocery Store

Use Case: Customer Loyalty and Energizing the Local Community

David, overseeing a small local grocery store, aims to enhance customer loyalty while building a stronger connection with the local community. Here’s how he achieves it using Rizer:

  1. David registers on Rizer and selects everyday grocery items for the « 10th item free » promotion.
  2. Emily, a loyal customer, regularly shops at David’s store. During her latest visit, she purchased 5 products, with one being complimentary as she bought two units of it, marking her tenth purchase of that item. The person behind her in the queue chuckled, realizing she would have almost won the free product if Emily hadn’t bought two units!
  3. Rizer effectively tracks this transaction, resets the purchase counter for the product earned by Emily for free, and allocates the store credit according to the « rules of the game. »
  4. Emily shares her positive experience with other members of the local community, enticing new customers to frequent David’s grocery store.
  5. David witnesses a boost in customer loyalty and an increase in community engagement, all thanks to Rizer’s innovative approach.

See how Rizer transforms David’s local grocery store, showcasing its potential to foster customer loyalty and invigorate local communities.

Use Case: Sales Boost and Brand Awareness Enhancement

Persona 3: Marco, Marketing Director of a Major Toy Store Chain

Marco, overseeing the marketing department of a prominent toy store chain, aims to elevate sales while strengthening brand awareness. Discover how he achieves these goals with Rizer:

  1. Marco leverages Rizer to configure the « 10th or Xth item free » promotion across a range of popular toys.
  2. Kevin, a loyal customer, regularly purchases toys from the chain’s stores. Upon his 10th consecutive purchase, Kevin wins a free toy and receives store credit for a future purchase of his choice.
  3. Kevin shares his luck on social media, inspiring other parents to visit the chain’s stores.
  4. Marco observes a surge in toy sales, an increase in brand awareness, and a rise in in-store traffic due to this innovative promotion.