More than a billing tool it is a strategy


The concept behind this solution is to transform the shopping experience into a community game by earning free products after a cumulative number of sales for each product in stock.

This not only doubles customer motivation by adding the excitement of participating in the game to the motivation to make a purchase but also allows you to surpass the competition!
Rizer isn’t just a tool; it’s a strategy with the potential to transform your business dynamics by tempting customers to choose you over traditional sellers, turning purchases into an engaging community game.

This, in turn, not only motivates customers to participate in the game but also allows them to purchase your products, all while boosting their motivation to be a part of your thriving brand community and propelling your business ahead of the competition.

And with your strategic approach to turn a free purchase into a credit that customers can use in their future purchases—it’s fair play.

And for that, our expert customer support is here to guide you through the entire process.

Key features

  • Promotion Configuration: Effortlessly set up the "10th or Xth sold item free" promotion for a selected range of your clients' products.
  • Real-time Sales Tracking: Seamlessly track sales in real-time, allowing for automated identification of the 10th or Xth eligible purchase for each product in the store.
  • Community Game: Engage your customers with a thrilling game that offers surprising rewards upon the 10th purchase of a product. Which means that your client could have a 1/10 chance to have a product for free win he buys on your site ! This is a huge advantage to surpass the competition in the market !!!
  • Statistics and Reporting: Gain valuable insights with our advanced tracking and reporting tools to measure the impact on sales and customer loyalty.
  • Customization: Tailor the promotion's rules, frequency, and eligible products to suit each client's unique business strategy.
  • Payment Integration: Integrate PromoGagnant with popular payment systems, ensuring smooth transactions.

Platform Availability

  • Shopify: Available now !
  • Woocommerce: Available Soon
  • Prestashop: Available Soon
  • Magento: Available Soon
  • classic cash register: Available Soon